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    Erin is an international award winning Documentary Filmmaker who began her career editing and directing for PBS. After receiving an MA in Oral History, she founded History Boutique Films, a production company focused on exploring the human experience, telling stories about inspirational people. Her first film, Buskin' Blues, attended over a dozen festivals and sold for world wide distribution in 2016. Erin has a career in storytelling, with close to 400 interviews conducted, and has just completed her largest film to date, Stuffed, a documentary about the art of taxidermy that premiered at SXSW 2019. Derham's passion for filmmaking is shown on screen by exploring the human experience and her creative edge is evident in all of her work.


    Client list includes Amazon Prime, Discovery+, PBS, NOAA, Red Bull TV, MIT, March of Dimes.


    Awards include: Director Award of Excellence, Best Documentary, Best Music Documentary, Audience Award, Staff Pick

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    Reviews for Stuffed, Buskin' Blues, and Julian Price




    Told through the eyes and hands of acclaimed artists across the world, STUFFED explores the surprising world of taxidermy, where sculptors must also be scientists. SXSW 2019

    Buskin' Blues

    This internationally award winning documentary Feature about the secretive lives of street performers went to ten film festivals and won 6 awards including Best Documentary. Film received world wide distribution through Red Bull Media. Full Film Available online!

    Julian Price Documentary

    Price searches Asheville for the brave, hardworking dreamers, and provides them with a miracle — capital for expansion in exchange for improving downtown with their presence. “Julian Price” is a must-see for anyone who loves living in or visiting Asheville and solidifies Derham’s status as an elite filmmaker.” - Edwin Arnaudin for the Asheville Citizen-Times

    Blue Air

    This short format narrative is about a young mother and her daughter braving the unknown to find strength and inspiration in the healing outdoors. After winning best picture, best actress, and screening at a handful of festivals, Derham has taken the short version off the market and started production for the feature length version.

    High Babes

    High Babes is our latest documentary feature, currently in pre production. It is Derham's fascination with the great outdoors that has sparks the flames of this film. She follows the incredible explorers who take full advantage of the wilderness through hiking, climbing, backpacking, highlining, kayaking, in an attempt to inspire others to do the same.

    The Making of Asheville Symphony Sessions

    With over 150 people participating, including grammy award winners, and over 40 days in the studio. this project is a perfect collaboration, showcasing the raw beauty and strength of music.

    Brad Carter

    After a tumultuous year of bad experiences, brain surgery, and broken promises, Brad found Ben, and an epic record was born.

    Asheville's Urban Trail

    Walk thru history with The History Boutique's latest documentary, a beautiful story of collaboration between public and private to make something truly unique in downtown Asheville, North Carolina.


    Absolutely Everyone

    You are cordially invited to attend "Absolutely Everyone," a dinner party with a twist. We have all fallen in love with the bad guy, but Agent S turns her mistake into a victory by capturing her bad boy jewelry thief for the Queen Mother. - Posh Hammer Band

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    a note from the Director

    My passion for storytelling started in graduate school, while getting a Master of Arts in History. My passion for people is all I've ever known. I love listening to people's stories so much, I turned it into a career. Since starting in the entertainment industry, I have filmed hundreds of people, conducting thousands of hours of interviews, and written/directed dozens of finished products including 2 feature films. I don't just love storytelling. I love connecting and inspiring communities, using the knowledge I've gained from getting to know so many amazing people.


    Whether it is a seminar on "Women in Film," a lecture on the "History of Busking" or motivating a crowded room with my personal story of perseverance as a guest speaker, I want attendees to leave the room inspired and ready to act! I take the inspiration I have bottled from my film subjects and give it to my audience.



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